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Onboard WiFi entertainment

Use your own devices and go through our onboard WiFi entertainment on more and more of the airplanes in our fleet. If you see the WiFi logo on board, our WiFi entertainment is available as soon as you are seated!

Once you are connected to the onboard WiFi network, GullivAir onboard entertainment portal will automatically open.

Inflight entertainment

Box office hits, brilliant music, powerful drama, exotic nature documentaries, and much, much more.

Experience over 300 hours of entertainment in various languages on your intercontinental GullivAir flights – from the moment you take your seat until you leave the aircraft:

  • More than 200 films, including recent releases, classics and world cinema.
  • Many of these you can watch in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish
  • Television programmes including comedy, drama, People & Planet, travel, concerts, sports and lifestyle
  • Hundreds of albums and exclusive GullivAir music specials
  • A dedicated kids channel
  • Games

You can enjoy our inflight entertainment on your own personal devices on almost all intercontinental GullivAir flights.